Welcome To The Kalico Village Blog!

Our website is brand new and a little empty looking at the moment, but we’re excited to tell you we have big plans in the works to bring you important and insightful information on healthful living, homesteading, backyard gardening and farming, and more. The already growing number of village residents represent expertise in everything from raising chickens to exhibiting show goats to producing films to authoring books. And if that isn’t enough, we have more!

Meet Suzanne, our sewing and gardening expert who will show you how to make wonderful handcrafted creations for yourself and your children, and teach you the best ways to get the most out of your backyard vegetable garden. You’ll even find some of Suzanne’s most awesome creations for sale in The Village Store.

Richard Lester will tell you how he came to meet Godfather actor Johnny Martino, and author the hot new best selling book on Johnny’s life story, A Wish Beyond The Stars; The Johnny Martino Story. Richard and his award winning film director son, Gary, will also be telling us about their latest documentary project, Forever Friends, a captivating look at pets and the people who love them.

Also in the Village Square you’ll meet our good friend Bev, who will tell you all about collecting and buying everything from entertainment memorabilia to historical treasures. She’ll even invite you into her shop and show you what’s currently on sale.

Lorraine will be on hand to talk about homeschooling and the challenges of raising children in today’s world. Her expertise in running a small business from home will also be explored.

Regular features on the site include the latest in pet health and animal care, how to make the most out of your backyard homestead, the latest in natural health care for your family, and insights on everything from working with service dogs to supportive senior care in your multi generational home.

We expect you’ll want to be visiting the Village often, and maybe even become a resident!